Is political material allowed at the festival?2018-12-05T23:12:01-05:00
  • The Pickens Azalea Festival is a nonpolitical event
  • No booth set up is allowed promoting any political party or candidate
  • Candidates and political parties are allowed to walk the event and hand out brochures
  • Candidates and political parties are allowed to contribute as sponsors to the Pickens Azalea Festival, up to, but not exceeding, one thousand dollars
Can anyone use the winning artwork from the art contest?2018-12-05T23:03:21-05:00

The artwork from the art contest can only be used with prior consent from the Pickens Azalea Festival Board.

How is the artwork from the competition used?2018-12-05T23:00:39-05:00

The Pickens Azalea Festival uses the winning artwork in all promotions for the Pickens Azalea Festival.

Who oversees the art contest?2018-12-05T22:58:32-05:00

It is the responsibility of the Pickens Rotary Club to oversee the Pickens Azalea Festival Art Contest, along with awards to the winner. It will be the responsibility of the Rotary Club to contact the parent / guardian of the contest winner, requesting permission to use the artwork in festival related promotions.

Are there any guidelines specific to arts & crafts vendors?2018-12-05T23:09:08-05:00
  • No resale or flea market items are to be sold.
  • All items must be listed on the application.
  • The Pickens Azalea Festival Board reserves the right to have final approval and acceptance on all items sold at the festival.
  • Any foods sold must meet all SCDHEC requirements
  • Any pre-package (wrapped) foods, ingredients are to be labeled on all items
  • For any foods, vendor will be required to have liability insurance
  • Must have SC Department of Revenue license (https://dor.sc.gov)
Are there any guidelines specific to food vendors?2018-12-12T21:09:43-05:00
  • All vendors selling food must meet SCDHEC requirements.
  • All foods sold must be listed on the vendor applications.
  • No waste disposal is available.
  • No liquid runoff of any kind from a booth is allowed into the storm sewer system.
  • Must have SC Department of Revenue license & carry liability insurance (https://dor.sc.gov)
Is power available for vendors?2018-12-05T22:36:18-05:00
  • Power is only available on the West End
  • Power hookup is available (for a fee) on a first come, first served basis
  • Generators are not allowed
  • The festival does not supply any cords
  • All cords must be covered to prevent trip hazards
Are vendors allowed to set up on Friday?2018-12-05T22:33:23-05:00

Due to space needed for the classic car cruise-in, only spaces for commercial food vendors, festival sponsors, and those with prior approval will be accepted for Friday night’s event.

Can vendors sell outside of the festival area?2018-12-05T22:29:52-05:00

Any vendor wishing to sell outside the festival area must obtain a city permit prior to the event. This will be enforced by the Pickens Police Department.

Are there any amenities provided to vendors?2018-12-05T22:28:36-05:00

The committee does not supply nor offer any canopies, tables, chairs, electrical cords, or any items required for vendor set up. The only amenity offered is power in the West End only.

Are vendors required to collect SC state sales tax?2018-12-12T21:24:26-05:00

All vendors are required and obligated to collect and report SC state sales taxes.

Can a vendor application be refused?2018-12-05T22:25:05-05:00

The Pickens Azalea Festival Board reserves the right to refuse any vendor application.

Who is the governing authority during the festival?2018-12-05T22:22:58-05:00

Any and all persons or organizations participating in the Pickens Azalea Festival on the day of the event must abide by all decisions made by the Pickens Azalea Festival Board and local police.

Is this a rain or shine event?2018-12-05T22:21:01-05:00

The Pickens Azalea Festival is a rain or shine event. No refunds shall be given due to inclement weather.

Is the festival pet friendly?2018-12-05T22:19:22-05:00

The Pickens Azalea Festival is a pet friendly event. We simply ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

  • All pets must be secured on a leash
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet
Is alcohol allowed at the festival?2018-12-05T22:17:28-05:00

The Pickens Azalea Festival is a tobacco and alcohol free event per city ordinances.

Are tobacco products allowed at the festival?2018-12-05T22:14:36-05:00

The Pickens Azalea Festival is a tobacco and alcohol free event per city ordinances.

When can vendors leave?2018-12-01T22:33:24-05:00

Official Festival Hours are from 10:00 A.M. until the festival committee permits closing.

Musical and/or promotional groups may require festival vendors to remain open until 9:00 P.M.


By default any vendor owned items must be delivered to your parked vehicle by foot or dolly. Thank you for your understanding.

What should I do with my trash?2018-12-01T22:32:34-05:00

Trash removal will be handled by individuals hired for the event. All cardboard boxes must be broken down and placed beside the trash bins located throughout the festival venue. No cardboard is to be placed in trash cans. Please help us recycle where possible. Should trash cans become full and overflow please contact a festival representative.

Where can I park?2018-12-01T22:32:04-05:00

Free parking is available beside the Pickens County Courthouse in the county parking lot at the corner of Ceder Rock Street and Pendleton Street in Pickens, S.C.

Where is my booth located?2018-12-01T22:31:09-05:00

When posted, you can find your booth number by going to Booth Layout and selecting “Find Your Booth Number.” Once you have your booth number go back to the Booth Layout page and view the maps to find the specific location.

When can I arrive to set up my booth?2018-12-12T16:34:31-05:00

Booth set up is from 6:00 A.M. – 9:00 A.M. Saturday Morning. Main St. will be closed for the event. All vendor traffic will be one way from East to West Main St. Entry to Main Street depends on your booth number as follows:

Booth numbered 100s, 200s, 300s: Travel on E. Cedar Rock St. and enter the venue by way of S. Lewis Street to Main Street. After unloading, exit at Hwy 178 (Pendleton St.) which is just beyond the courthouse.

Booth numbered 400s, 500s, 600s: Travel on to E. Cedar Rock St. and enter venue by way of Hwy 178 (Pendleton St.) to Main St. After unloading, exit by way of Garvin St. (if your booth is prior to) or S. Catherine St. (if your booth is past Lewis St.)

How long is the event?2018-12-01T22:28:46-05:00

Our two day event begins with the cruise in Friday, April 20 at 7 p.m. and continues into Saturday beginning at 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. The festival offers amusements rides, free entertainment, and free parking! We can’t wait to see you there!

How do you become a partner?2018-12-01T22:02:12-05:00

We are currently looking for partners for the 2019 Pickens Azalea Festival! If your interested in becoming a sponsor and making your business a part of every aspect of the festival find out more by visiting our “Partners” page.